Important note: supposed virus in digivod .dll is a false detection

A few virus scanners hit alarm in digivod version 3.5 because of an system file (avdevice64-53.dll). After internal and external review and consultation with some manufacturers of anti-virus software, this is simply a false detection by the virus scanner.

Affected by the misrecognition of a few virus scanners was the file „avdevice64-53.dll“ in the digivod version 3.5. This file is part of an open source library. A check has confirmed that this file contains no malicious software and that this is a false detection by the virus scanner. To avoid confusion, we removed the affected file from the latest 3.5 setup. Furthermore, this file will be deleted when updating to the current version 4.0. The version 4.0 was and is untouched by this topic, since this file is not included here.


1. Remove from the virus scanner definition (trust this file)

2. Update to latest 3.5 setup

3. Update to version 4.0 (please check beforehand if your license is activated for it)

4. Delete or quarantine file (does not affect the functionality of the software)

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We thank our attentive customers for the information, which we immediately followed up. We also thank G-Data for the quick support. According to an employee, G-Data has already removed the file from its own databases so that it is no longer recognized as potentially threatening.

Your digivod team

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