vertical solutions for police and investigative authorities

The digivod software is optimally geared to the needs of security and rescue authorities.

The digivod GmbH has specialized strongly on the special requirements of BOS. We listen – and together with partners and customers, we have developed solutions that are second to none on the market. Our mobile surveillance solutions are energy efficient even on the smallest computers. Our central broker platform allows the control of distributed in the field recorders. Our investigator supports the evaluation of different video sources with various analyzes based on deep learning. And of course everything „made in Germany“.

Our team based in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf is always available to answer your questions with personal contact persons.

Mobile solutions

digivod VMS Edition and KMT Tracer

digivod Mobile Recorder Solutions have been developed together with special technical forces specifically for covert surveillance and real-time access.

The KMT Tracer software is tailor-made for covert video and audio surveillance by security agencies. It is distributed by the company KMT GMBH. The KMT Mobile Recorders integrate the digivod software seamlessly into the infrastructure and represent a complete system for monitoring by BOS.

In addition, digivod offers a variety of functions on all common mobile hardware platforms with its VMS. The evaluation can be done anytime and anywhere thanks to removable disk support. Drag video drives on the fly to evaluate them in a quiet, secure environment. Make fixed or removable disks into evaluation media – with an exported player, every disk can be evaluated at any time.


central & network solutions

digivod Broker NG

Control monitoring or access directly from the center. The digivod broker NG is the central hub for police action. Thanks to real-time access to all mobile recorders in the field you always have an overview of the current events.

Thanks to our innovative and powerful real-time transcoding, you will always receive optimized video images adapted to the given network. digivod enables smooth video playback even in high-latency networks, such as LTE or satellite links. Special features keep the load on cameras, network and recorders low even with massively parallel live requests.

The broker NG allows the fluid exchange between replicated video archives of the mobile recorder currently in use in the field and the actual recorder archive, thus allowing a bandwidth-saving archive search.


Evaluation (Forensic)

digivod Investigator

The platform to support mass video investigation for security agencies. Video files with open and proprietary formats and codecs can be read in, organized, evaluated and reduced to the relevant video sequences using various mechanisms.

Via Auto Import you automatically integrate new video files into the system. Organize the mass data according to different aspects. Play videos in dynamic multiple views. Use analysis such as face recognition, object recognition, license plate recognition (ANPR), logo and pattern recognition for organization and filtering. The digivod platform contains a unique framework that supports the flexible integration of all analysis methods.

Use dynamic tagging to quickly organize and overview. Combined searches help with daily questions like „When? Where? How often? „U.v.m. Export the video sequences for meaningful final reports.

Seamless protocols and a unique storage concept allow absolute proof security and traceability in compliance with data protection laws.


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