digivod NSL edition

Developed with and for emergency calls & service providers (NSL). supports the easy connection of video systems.

Our solution for emergency call & service centers supports the connection of unlimited digivod recorders. We support the connection via DynDNS and from Version 3.5 also dedicated VPN servers.

Alarms are forwarded in real time and reliably. After a connection failure, the transmission is automatically repeated so that no alarms are lost in the control panel. Alarms can be taken over directly from existing transaction processing systems such as AMWIN.

Alternatively, digivod also offers alarm management itself: Depending on the alarm type and even on the location, the control center can store dedicated workflows with pre-defined instructions. Of course, actions such as export, notifications or automatic opening of camera images are also possible.

Already existing interfaces u. a. to AMWIN enable seamless integration into existing systems. A connection to other systems can be integrated quickly.

highlights of digivod NSL edition

  • Central management of unlimited number of digivod sites
  • only alarms relevant to the NSL are forwarded
  • easy operation thanks to intuitive user interface
  • Encrypted communication between NSL and attachment (AES 128 bit)
  • extensive user and rights management (support of Microsoft Active Directory)
  • bidirectional audio for direct attacker speech
  • dynamic transcoding allows the optimization of frame rates or resolution, adapted to the available network
  • Communication parameterization allows optimal use of the existing networ
  • customizable operator views (alarm panels – alarm triggering events are repeated in continuous loop until an operator processes them)
  • Autosplit alarm monitors (see the camera pictures, in which something actually happens)
  • extensive and individually configurable rules
  • Configurable alarm workflow with optional actions
  • Multi-dimensional maps and geoinformation maps
  • the alarm center receives regular system status information of the sites that are connected
  • In addition, the alarm panel, if configured, can record video streams from outlets as needed. For example, this can prevent video material from being lost if the video system in the store is destroyed.
  • and much more.

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