digivod SMART edition

Luxury for small installations

The digivod SMART Edition is an award-winning Video Management Software, made in Germany!

It includes all the features for professional Video Surveillance: Recording, Playback, Archive Access, Search and Research, multiple views, support for Camera-based Motion Detection, Maps, flexible policies and more. It offers you the ideal entry point into the world of digivod.

digivod SMART is identical in its functionality to our Enterprise solution “VMS Edition”, but can not be extended to features such as Professional Video Analysis (VCA), License Plate Recognition (LPR) or individual Camera Licenses, etc.

digivod SMART Edition is available as a 5, 10 or 16 Channel version. An upgrade to a VMS Edition is possible on request at any time.

Full scope of service

digivod SMART has the full capabilities of our Enterprise Solution VMS Edition, making it a full video management software.

Web Access inclusive

The digivod Web Access provides direct access to Video images (Live and Archive), Alarms, PTZ control and IO contacts with HTML 5-capable Browsers. Also available as an App for Android and iOS. Using push Alerts, your digivod system can directly update the Web Access App about new alerts.

Support for up to 50 I/O contacts

Allows the use of digital IO Contacts in selected Cameras or so-called IO Modules to react to digital Switching Commands, i.e. Door Contacts, arming / disarming circuit of a burglar alarm system (EMA) or to trigger digital switch contacts, i.e. Light on / Off,  Barrier or a Gate opening. In addition, digivod supports virtual contacts which can be used to implement flexible and powerful rules.

Site Plans

digivod SMART supports interconnected Maps and flexible definition of status summaries. For example, the Floor plans within a Building can be linked together within the building itself. Not only does the link serves faster navigation, it also allows you to view the Camera and Alarm counts for all corridors and the building itself.

Cameras, Views and IO ports can be placed in SiteMaps. The status and possible alarms of all site plan objects are dynamically visualized. Direct access is possible via Double-click or via Drag and Drop. Individual symbols (icons) can be defined for all objects displayed.


Camera-Brand Independent

digivod supports all leading IP cameras on the market. It supports analogue, aHD, TVI and HD-SDI through encoders. ONVIF is fully supported. All standard codecs are supported: H.265, H.264, MJPEG, MxPEG.


digivod SMART Bundle

The ideal solution for small systems

digivod SMART Bundles are fully pre-installed PC systems with digivod SMART software. They enable the fast  and easy commissioning of a video surveillance system.

The bundles are also available in 5, 10 or 16 channel versions

Of course all digivod functions for all Cameras are available on the digivod SMART Bundles!

Due to the digivod floating License, the Camera Licenses are independent of camera type. An analog camera can be replaced at any time by an IP camera.

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