digivod VMS edition

VMS, Fully Scalable

digivod is award-winning video management software. It is fully scalable and supports a large variety of installations: very small single camera setups and large multi-site installations with thousands of cameras. “Simple” ones that only need to record, and highly challenging ones that involve a large number of security devices.

Camera-Brand Independent

digivod supports all leading IP cameras on the market. It supports analogue, aHD, TVI, CVI and HD-SDI through encoders. ONVIF is fully supported. All standard codecs are supported: H.265, H.264, MJPEG, MxPEG.


Efficient Management Of System Resources

digivod utilizes all system resources in a smart way. Where we can save resources, we do that. We support small machines such as NUCs or Pokinis. We support standard workstations and XEON servers with the Windows operating system.

GPU-based (including Intel graphic card) decoding / encoding saves up to 90% CPU.

Virtual machines are supported. The operation of multiple servers (multi-recording) is supported, as well as automatic failover of services and recording archives.


Cyber Security and Data Protection

digivod is a client-server application. All network communication between Client and Server and between Server and Server (multi-location / multi-recording) is encrypted. Storage encryption is supported.

Access rights are granted on objects and functions. Active Directory is supported.

For data protection requirements, digivod supports server-based privacy zones that can mask or pixelate individual image areas. Hidden areas can be made visible again with appropriate authorization. Recordings can be suspended with appropriate grounds, and recordings can be deleted with appropriate grounds. All user actions are logged for full traceability.


Robust. In All Kinds Of Networks

digivod supports video- and audio transfer over all kinds of network: dedicated lines, but also internet and wireless networks. While connecting through high-latency networks, digivod offers features such as GPU based transcoding, preferred 2nd stream transfer and a special streaming mode to allow fluid viewing despite network delays. For mission critical scenarios that need the live pictures to be without delay, digivod offers the option to visualize any latent pictures as such.


Flexible Configuration

digivod allows you to configure views following the specific demands of each installations. Site maps, icons, rules, multiple views – you can create your own user interface with a large set of tools.

digivod offers various analytics as optional modules: you can extend your installation with server-based Motion Detection, different kinds of video content analytics (VCA) and perimeter protection, or automated number plate recognition (ANPR).


Frequent Updates

We update our software in a monthly rhythm. Besides usual maintenance and constant addition of camera drivers, new features are added regularly to meet and sometimes precede the requirements from the real world.


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