The enterprise Solution for every scenario

digivod is award-winning video management software for all video surveillance scenarios, from small to large, from simple to challenging.

Installations can be individually configured according to different requirements. digivod is scalable in every dimension. The number of cameras, workstations and recorders can grow flexibly with each system. Extensions to other systems such as alarm systems, cash register systems or analyzes are also possible in the middle of operation.

Manufacturer independent

digivod is manufacturer-independent and supports all available IP cameras from popular manufacturers.

Build powerful hybrid systems with the support of appropriate video encoders, and combine IP, analog, aHD, TVI and HD-SDI cameras in one software interface. Use existing infrastructure such as coaxial cable for existing cameras.

Of course, the digivod VMS Edition not only supports the ONVIF standard but also all common codecs (H.265, H.264, MJPEG, MxPEG).


Ressources friendly

digivod works very sparingly with your system resources such as CPU, GPU, RAM, etc. From Intel NUC over normal workstations to servers almost every hardware platform is supported, under which a current Windows OS is running.

Thanks to new GPU-based decoding / encoding, up to 90% CPU utilization can be saved on clients and servers, making it easy to use systems with small processors for displaying video material.

Run 100 cameras and more on a single server. Virtual machines are supported as well as the operation of multiple servers in parallel (so-called multi-recording).

On request in the so-called failover mode also with high availability of live monitoring and redundant design of your records.


Safe access an data protection

digivod is a client-server application. The server provides functions to all connected clients using Windows services. These Windows services are running in the background. All network communication between client and server and between server and server (multi-location / multi-recording / NSL access) is encrypted.

In addition to common practices such as encrypted password storage, 4-eye user logins, or automatic inactivity logouts, digivod supports server-based privacy zones to mask or pixelate individual image areas. Hidden areas can be made visible again with appropriate authorization for video evaluation.


Optimized transfers

digivod offers specific functionalities for networks of different quality. Whether via client (digivod observer), browser or app (iOS and Android). Thanks to our innovative and powerful real-time transcoding, you will always receive optimized video images adapted to the given network.

Thanks to this technology, digivod enables smooth video playback even in high-latency networks, such as LTE or satellite links.



Whether company premises with a few cameras or entire strategic areas with thousands – digivod adapts to the conditions of each system.

digivod allows you to tailor the interface to any layout: site maps, icons, rules and actions – everything can be arranged in views for the end user. The intuitive user interface of digivod helps operators react quickly and effectively to events during operation.

From Automated License Plate Recognition (ANPR) to Fully Automated Access Control, Facial Recognition for Person Identification, Video Content Analysis (VCA) for Perimeter Monitoring to Point of Sale (POS) POS Receipt in Retail – digivod VMS offers endless possibilities.

Thanks to our simple and modular licensing model, systems can be extended at any time during operation.


Regular updates

Outdated software can pose a security risk. Regular updates keep you up-to-date with the latest technology. Get the latest digivod features and support for current camera models with continuous integration of new camera manufacturers and model series. In addition, you benefit from many other performance and operating improvements.

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