digivod supports „NumberOK Edge“ LPR-Axis camera plug-in

In the current version 3.5, digivod supports the Axis camera plug-in „NumberOK EDGE“ of the FF-Group and is thus further expanding the portfolio in the area of license recognition.

NumberOK Axis ACAP EDGE LPR is a high performance, precise, license plate recognition that can be used for traffic monitoring and management, for parking solutions, access control, for safe and smart cities, etc. It can recognize license plates in speeds up to 120 km/h! It supports license plates from EU, CIS, Israel and Turkey.

Thanks to a seamless integration into the video management software digivod the cost-efficient expansion of existing as well as new systems allows for automated and reliable identification of the license plates. As usual, all functions within digivod are available, which our customers have already used and appreciated.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) or Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is the ability to recognize license plates on vehicles by means of written identification (OCR) on video. On the basis of a recognized license plate, any workflows can be defined: for example opening a barrier, starting records or triggering an event.

Veröffentlicht in ENG