digivod at 22nd european police congress

At this year’s 22nd European Police Congress, we will meet at the booth of Dell Technologies, where we will introduce the digivod Investigator.

The “European Police Congress” is an international congress for decision makers from police forces and security authorities and industries. Its intention is to strengthen the dialogue be-tween the authorities and enable the participants to establish new contacts to colleagues from all over the world.

digivod presents the digivod Investigator as part of this event. Investigations by authorities and organizations with security tasks increasingly use visual material and video recordings. Especially with mass videos such. Surveillance cameras require a lot of effort to view and process the entire material.

At the same time, research and industry are increasingly providing newer and better video analysis methods, ranging from classical image comparisons to differently trained deep learning networks.

The digivod Investigator is a software platform that grows with progress.
We constantly evaluate and integrate the best state-of-the-art analysis methods and bundle them into targeted search tools. Thus, the software supports the investigators in finding useful entry points in the image and video material.

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