ANPR camera CatchCAM from CatchSystems integrated

The CatchCAM is specifically developed in-house by CatchSystems and optimized for ANPR applications.

The camera has built-in infrared LED lighting so that vehicle number plates are always perfectly visible even at night. The camera can also be optionally fitted with 940 nm IR LEDs, making it impossible to detect the camera, and with different lenses for identifying number plates at various distances.

The camera can be mounted on a tripod and installed adjacent to the police vehicle, or it can be installed inside the vehicle, for example safely and securely behind the windshield.

The data link and power supply make use of the same standard Ethernet cable so that only a single cable is needed. This cable is fitted with robust industrial plug connectors and can bridge distances of up to 50 m, making the camera an extremely flexible and all-purpose tool.

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