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digivod VMS Edition

Die Enterprise Solution for every scenario

digivod is award-winning video management software for all video surveillance scenarios, from small to large, from simple to challenging.

Installations can be individually configured according to different requirements. digivod is scalable in every dimension. The number of cameras, workstations and recorders can grow flexibly with each system. Extensions to other systems such as alarm systems, cash register systems or analyzes are also possible in the middle of operation.

digivod SMART Edition

Luxury for small installations

The digivod SMART Edition is award-winning video management software, made in Germany!

It contains all the features for professional video surveillance: recording, playback, archive access, searches and searches, multiple views, support for camera-based motion detection, site maps and a flexible set of rules, providing you with the ideal entry into the world of digivod.

digivod SMART is identical in functionality to our enterprise solution „VMS Edition“, but can not be extended to features such. As professional video analysis (VCA), license plate recognition (LPR) or individual camera licenses, etc. are extended.

digivod SMART Edition is available as a 5, 10 or 16 channel version. An upgrade to a VMS Edition is possible on request at any time.

digivod NSL edition

Developed with and for emergency calls & service providers (NSL). supports the easy connection of video systems.

Our solution for emergency call & service centers supports the connection of unlimited digivod recorders. We support the connection via DynDNS and from Version 3.5 also dedicated VPN servers.

Alarms are forwarded in real time and reliably. After a connection failure, the transmission is automatically repeated so that no alarms are lost in the control panel. Alarms can be taken over directly from existing transaction processing systems such as AMWIN.

Alternatively, digivod also offers alarm management itself: Depending on the alarm type and even on the location, the control center can store dedicated workflows with pre-defined instructions. Of course, actions such as export, notifications or automatic opening of camera images are also possible.

Already existing interfaces u. a. to AMWIN enable seamless integration into existing systems. A connection to other systems can be integrated quickly.

vertical solutions for police and investigative athorities

The digivo software is optimally focused on the needs of security authorities.

The digivod GmbH has specialized strongly on the special requirements of BOS. We listen – and together with partners and customers, we have developed solutions that are second to none on the market. Our mobile surveillance solutions are energy efficient even on the smallest computers. Our central broker platform allows the control of distributed in the field recorders. Our investigator supports the evaluation of different video sources with various analyzes based on deep learning. And of course everything “made in Germany”.

Our team based in Meerbusch near Düsseldorf is always available to answer your questions with personal contact persons.

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