digivod sponsors NAX-Cup

digivod provides Smart 5 software for the ADAC NAX-Cup to support the race management in determining the position

The NAX-Cup was founded more than 30 years ago by the Knust family and was driven out on the domestic autocross track. About three years ago the series was handed over to the ADAC and is now held as the Northern German Championship. In addition to the approximately 90 registered drivers, an average of 50 other free drivers register. The award ceremony is mostly held in Uelzen and about 300 participants follow the awarding of trophies and prize money on site.

Further race dates in 2019 are the following:

07.09. – 08.09.2019
at Motorsportpark Hohe Dubrau in Dauban

05.10. – 06.10.2019
at Uhlenköper-Ring in Uelzen

From 22.6.-23.6.2019 the NAX-Cup was held at the Birkenring in Hoope. 142 drivers from all over Germany competed in 60 individual races with a maximum of 12 starters each. The drivers were accompanied by about 1500 spectators. For the first time a camera including digivod was installed at the start and finish line to support the race control. With the aid of the software sponsored by digivod, it was possible to record and correctly display short race results.

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