digivod release 3.4 has arrived!

digivod gmbh will present its release 3.4 at the German BHE congress on video surveillance and access control, 1-2 March 2016, in Fulda, Germany.

digivod 3.4 includes powerful command and control by GIS map, mobile patrol apps for communications and GPS routing between the mobile patrol and the control room, and incident management including operator steps for each kind of incident – all based on the well-known and outstanding video management of digivod software. Some more Highlights:

Analysis for different PTZ positions

digivod 3.4 supports the sophisticated analytics by TechnoAware, e.g. License Plate Recognition, GateFlow, AreaCounting, Thermal analytics, and more.

Users can assign different analytics to various PTZ presets, allowing a flexible configuration of protection schemes based on only one camera.

Cameras and encoders:

  • digivod 3.4 supports ABUS
  • digivod 3.4 supports CBC
  • Numerous improvements on fluid steering of PTZ
  • Improvements on audio-only devices

GUI enhancements

Users can import icons and assign them to io ports and functions, e.g. a PTZ preset or starting of bookmark. Such io ports can be placed on site plans, GIS maps or just any view, allowing intuitive triggering of actions.

Overall drag and drop concept has been improved. For example, views can be dropped into video walls or any other monitor by one click of the mouse.

Various improvements for mobile surveillance

digivod 3.4 includes various improvements for its police solution: encryption of recordings, permanent replications of recordings over limited bandwidth, and support for interview recordings.

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