digivod releases its version 3.5.0

digivod 3.5.0 – improvements to single and distributed sites

Failover: Recordings can now be made redundant

Besides high-availability of live viewing and real time recording, 3.5 now also allows access to the recordings on the failing server due to duplicate recording. High availability is thus ensured for both cameras and recordings.

Multi Location: Redundant recording of remote site in emergencies

Intelligent rules allow multi-location centers to record predefined remote cameras on certain events, when e.g. an emergency button has been pushed on the site. This ensures that important video footage is available even if the recorder on the site has been destroyed.

Multi Location: Intelligent sharing of network

The connection to the sites and site cameras is balanced intelligently by the central software that ensures that all requesting clients and apps do not overload the sparse network to the site and the camera.

Streaming Service for live feeds

In 3.5, a dedicated streaming service ensures fluid viewing even in networks with high latency.

Cameras support

digivod 3.5 supports the German camera manufacturers eneo and ABUS. Mobotix audio features have been improved.

Pictures tell more than words

Alarms and events can be displayed now in lists with video snapshots.

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