digivod Service Release 4.0 Build

digivod published the service release 4.0 build, in addition to many general improvements now it supports Multi-Location feature.

Installation instructions

digivod 4.0 is a major release. Due to various technical improvements and adjustments, Version 4 differs significantly from its predecessors. We recommend reinstalling instead of updating an older digivod version. When updating from an older version, certain elements of the configuration might not have to be adopted and subsequently manually created again. Please perform a configuration backup before every update!

Version is not released for failover. This feature is currently in the beta test. If you want to use failover, we advise against an update and ask for a little patience.

Technical requirements

In addition to a valid version 4.0 license digivod 4.0 requires .NET Framework 4.5 (full profile) and Windows 10 (64 bit) or newer. It is highly recommended that you install all Windows updates and make sure you have the latest .NET Framework software installed. In addition, all system drivers (especially video card drivers) must be updated.

You are unsure if you can upgrade to 4.0 without hesitation? Feel free to contact our support.

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